How to Find Painting Jobs To Bid On

Date Published: 01/25/2021

Written By George Leon

George Leon is a Painting Contractor in Charlotte NC and a Partner at Scalebloom Web Design.

How to Find Painting Jobs To Bid On

No matter the size of your painting company, there will never be a time where you can sit back and just watch the leads come piling in. There will always be effort required to continuously increase the number of paint jobs you’re taking on month after month. But how do you find painting jobs to bid on that can increase your company’s bottom line?

Before you can jump into finding painting jobs to bid on, you need to have a fleshed-out idea of who your dream clients are. Do you prefer to take on commercial jobs or residential jobs? Maybe you dabble a bit in both. You might need to tweak your lead generating strategy depending on who your target audience is. For instance, most home paint jobs will be won through your digital marketing efforts like social media ads, search engine optimization, and pay per click ads. While commercial paint jobs are more likely to be won through your various industry connections and network.

Both types of clients can be profitable for a painting company, you just need to choose which is best for your particular business model. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to determining your ideal client. Do you prefer one type of job over the other? Does your team excel at a specific service that applies to only one of these client types? Once you’ve narrowed down who your target audience is you can begin working to find paint jobs to bid on that can help to grow your business and revenue.

Painting Bidding Websites

If you need leads and you need them now, you might not have time to wait for tactics like search engine optimization to work. While other methods can also help you find jobs, it usually takes a bit longer to reap the reward. To find paint jobs more quickly, you can sign up for various bidding websites to have access to job requests that come in in real-time. These lead generating websites make it easy for homeowners or business owners to go to the website and request painting services. By doing this, the lead generating website will connect the customer with a painting company that pays the bidding website to feature their business. The cost per lead will vary depending on the size of the paint job request but is a great way to get your business directly in front of warm leads that will more easily convert into customers. Sign up for websites like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, or similar lead generating sites to increase the opportunity for your business to be found and hired for local jobs. It’s an easy way to keep high quality leads coming in with minimal effort on your part.

Below we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite painting bidding websites for your painting company to take advantage of.


Think of Thumbtack as a certified online directory that prospective customers use to sift through the countless number of painting companies serving your local area. When a business has a profile on Thumbtack, it will appear in the customers’ search results and display the painting company’s profile, customer ratings, and other details. The customer also can sort through the displayed painting companies using the filters to help them narrow down exactly what they’re looking for. The goal of your painting company should be to appear in the search results on Thumbtack to improve the odds of being discovered by prospective customers.

Simply creating a profile on Thumbtack doesn’t guarantee that your business will be visible to searchers. Before your company can be shown in the search results, you will need to generate at least one review from a former customer and need to set up targeting preferences to increase the likelihood of being matched with the right customers. Thumbtack is a great place to get started when looking for painting jobs to bid on or additional leads to take on every month. Because the jobs aren’t huge, the leads aren’t usually too expensive for the professional.


One of the most popular bidding websites is HomeAdvisor. This lead generating site is known for producing a high number of high quality leads for various industries — including painting. It works similarly to Thumbtack where your business will have a profile on the website that will show up when customers are searching for a service you can provide. The cost of the lead will vary on the size of the project you’d be taking on.

Keep in mind that HomeAdvisor is an extremely popular site for both professionals and customers. This means that your target service area might already be relatively saturated with painting companies on HomeAdvisor. When signing up for the platform, we recommend reaching out to a representative at HomeAdvisor to see how many other painting companies you will be competing against for leads in your target market. If the number of competitors paying for HomeAdvisor is pretty high, it might be a better investment to use that budgeted money on another platform that might have fewer leads coming in but less competition.


CraftJack works similarly to HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack by connecting prospective customers to your painting company for a fee. Again, the cost of leads can vary depending on the size of the paint job and how quickly you connect with the customers but tend to be between $12 and $75 per lead.

One thing to note about all of these websites is that the site can sell the same lead to multiple companies — meaning that paying for the lead doesn’t guarantee that the customer will convert into a customer. You will still need to connect with them, provide them with an estimate, and convince them that you’re the best painting company in the area. These sites are simply your way to get directly in front of customers who are already looking for your services. A benefit of CraftJack is that they are open about not selling the same lead to more than four painters.

CraftJack uses two different websites to help bring in customers: Local Painter Quotes and ImproveNet. Local Painter Quotes is a website where commercial property owners and homeowners can go to request multiple bids from different painting companies in their area. When these bid requests come in, CraftJack connects the prospective customers with painting companies signed up for CraftJack’s services. ImproveNet is essentially a resource for property owners that might be looking into questions related to home improvement and painting. By supplying helpful guides and resources for these types of home improvement projects, CraftJack users ImproveNet to get the customer interested in the service and offers a way for them to get in touch with a local painting company in their area — supplied through CraftJack. This service will only ever connect your painting company with customers who are looking for your specific service offerings.


It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard on Angie’s List. This online directory has built a dedicated following over the years because of its ability to connect customers to reputable companies. In fact, Angie’s List has a lot of users who don’t use free access to the site and pay for a monthly membership. This required payment makes it even more important for Angie’s List to only put the best painting contractors directly in front of their customers.

As a business, signing up for Angie’s List is free — but you won’t achieve much visibility without paying to play. Angie’s List search results pages are similar to Google in that there are advertisements at the top, followed by organic listings below. A free profile can show up in the organic section, but without a large quantity of 5-star reviews, the chances are pretty slim. That’s where the paid portion of Angie’s List can be extremely beneficial for painting companies, but keep in mind that the per click ad rate can vary from $4 to $8.

Another great way to increase your visibility and increase the number of leads you’re generating through Angie’s List is to include an exclusive discount. Because Angie’s List has customers paying to use their website, they’re more likely to feature your business because you’re providing their paying customers with an exclusive offer that can be seen as a major perk of a paid membership (since free users won’t have access to these deals).

Angie’s List can bring in a ton of high-quality leads, but it can be more difficult to gain traction and visibility if you’re newer to the industry.


Although Facebook might not be the first place you think of when considering different ways to find paint jobs to bid on, it’s one you don’t want to skip. Word of mouth referrals are crucial to any business, and nowadays, most homeowners are going to read through all of your reviews and ask their friends for painter recommendations before committing to a particular painting company. Where are they going to ask for these recommendations? More often than not, it’s going to be Facebook.

But how do you use this to your benefit? First, your painting company needs to have a presence on Facebook. Create a profile that is well filled out and makes it easy for prospective customers to contact you or request an estimate for a paint job. Once that is complete, you should join various Facebook groups for your area. Ask around to see if there are particular groups that you should be a part of. Otherwise, you can use the search functionality to search for different Facebook groups that are local to your area. Joining these groups gives you visibility into what people are saying about your company (if you’re being mentioned!), and allows you to reach out to potential customers who mention they need painting services. Try joining a variety of groups, from those built for company referrals to groups for people moving to your area who might have new homes that need to be painted.


Sometimes finding jobs to work on is all about who you know in the industry. Whether you’re just starting your painting business or you’ve been managing it for a few years, you must build relationships with those in the painting industry, as well as the construction industry. You never know when that quick conversation you had in a coffee shop or that time you handed out your business card in an elevator will come in handy.

If you have a good rapport with other local painting companies, they’ll be more likely to come to you and offer you a paint job that they might not have the capacity to take on at the moment — and the same goes for you! Sharing leads with other painting companies in your area (if you are a bit tight on capacity at the time) can help you in the long run if they also need to send some leads your way. This isn’t always the best tactic depending on the types of painting companies in your area, but something to consider.

Similarly, you must network with those in the construction industry as well. If a contractor is building a custom home in your area, that home is going to need to be painted — and in the best-case scenario, the builder might be working on an entire neighborhood of homes that need painting. If a home remodeler is gutting a kitchen and making it more modern, they might want a painter to come in and put on a fresh coat of paint throughout the main living space. Building relationships with those in different but similar industries can help your painting company win jobs that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to take on. Never underestimate the power of networking and building relationships with like-minded individuals.

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