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We deliver modern websites that inspire visitors and convert them into paying customers. We build websites from scratch, right here in Charlotte. Since we never outsource, our clients can stop by our Charlotte office to chat with our designers one on one about their web design needs.

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We craft an authentic representation of your business’s unique brand and personality to help you stand out in your market.

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Stand out from your competitor’s websites with our cutting-edge website design and digital marketing technologies. Built for conversion, our strategies engage your visitors and make a big impact.

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Get new customers by having the right social media strategy in place. We help you create content and advertise your services.

6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Strong Website

It’s 2021 — do you have a website for your company?

If not, what’s the holdup? Trust us, we’ve heard all the excuses why some businesses choose not to have a website: “My business’s clients don’t like the Internet.” or “I lack the time to take care of a website.” But in the age of laptops and smartphones, these tired excuses simply do not work anymore.

Your business’s target customers are searching the internet for your services in Charlotte NC. Without an SEO optimized website, you are making yourself invisible and making it extremely difficult for these customers to select you! And if your business isn’t showing up, which companies are?

If by chance still need further persuading, we’ve explained six reasons why your company needs to have its own website:

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1) Customers Trust Businesses that have a Strong Web Presence

Not having a business website limits the number of potential customers that will be able to locate you. Statistically speaking, approximately one-third of clients won’t work with a business that doesn’t own a website. Do you really want to push away 30% of the audience you should be reaching? Most definitely not. Our Charlotte web design agency will help you reach 100% of the audience.

A good way to think about this is to picture in your mind a brick and mortar store location. If you had to select two different stores, would you rather choose the one that has the inviting presence as well as window displays that clearly present their products, or would you choose the dark and dingy store right next door (that happens to be locked)? The answer is very clear. Just like you would make your company’s brick and mortar store inviting, your company’s digital presence needs to be as well. Consumers expect big brands and companies to create a professional internet presence, and that begins with having a website. Consider this. If they can’t find your company’s website first, they certainly will land on your competitor’s websites.

2) A Website Serves as Your Company’s 24-Hour Sales Rep

Your company can’t be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event your potential clients can’t fall asleep and search online for your service at two in the morning, your company needs to have a way for them to reach out to your business without having to get you by phone. Your website should serve as an automated employee for your company — always on the ready to answer inquiries clients may have, display information about your services, and make it simple for them to contact or schedule a call. A website makes your company accessible, which as a result will let you accumulate better leads by providing all necessary details about your business and offering an always-available way of contact. Make a great first impression by having a professional website.

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3) Consumers Are Looking for Your Business Online

Information is searched for on Google 5.6 billion times per day. Google is one of the first spots shoppers go to locate a nearby company. Actually someone might be searching for your service in Charlotte at this very moment — what are they going to see? 97% of customers find more information about a nearby company online compared to any other method.

Customers talking about your business will only get you so far. If a customer raves about the wonderful service your company delivered to a friend, that friend is subsequently going to search for your contact information. Although a few shoppers might still use an obsolete physical book of the yellow pages, that is extremely unlikely. The first choice in this day and age is to go on the Internet and search for a nearby company. As a small or medium-sized business, you need to own an SEO optimized website to expand your online marketing footprint on the search algorithm results pages. If consumers are searching for your business, you must provide what they need!

4) Your Company’s Site Welcomes Engagement with the Shopper

Research by the Local Search Association observed that 63% of shoppers utilize a local business website to communicate with them. Having a professional website will give your target audience everything they want, and furthermore improving your web page to show up on the search results pages on Google will immediately put your business directly in front of your prospective audience. Don’t give the future customer any reason to select a competitor just because your company doesn’t have a professional website.

Scalebloom is a web design and web development agency dedicated to bringing modern and high performing website design to businesses. Our Charlotte Web Design agency makes it easy for you to make a great first impression to customers by presenting your company in the best light possible.

5) Connect With Customers Through Authentic Digital Marketing

When making an important purchase or selecting a company to work with, the customer hopes to employ a company they feel a connection with. Your website is the perfect digital marketing platform to connect with prospective shoppers more in-depth as well as communicate with them what makes your business so special.

By having a professional website, your business can have the foundation for putting a strong online marketing strategy in motion that allows you to display content regarding the company history, team member profiles, detailed descriptions about your service offering (as well as pricing, if relevant). You can also create blogs answering common questions or topics, showcase some of the glowing shopper testimonials you have seen, and display professional photos of your successful services. A website allows your business to tell a story for your prospective customer and help them get a deep understanding of the type of company they’d be employing.

 6) Placing Your Website within the Local Pack Is a Game Changer

Have you seen the box at the top of a Google search that shows various local businesses on the map? This is referred to as the local pack. If you run a local business, your goal must be to get a spot within the local pack because local pack companies receive 44% of the total clicks on the search engine results page.

It is important to note that search engines do factor in elements like your proximity to the shopper, the company’s physical address, as well as the primary category, it also considers the quality of your business website. If your business has a well-designed website with helpful backlinks, top domain authority, and a good click-through rate, you raise your likelihood of getting a spot in the local pack. The websites our Charlotte Web Design company creates are made with the highest standards in web design and SEO to help our clients’ business with this form of digital marketing.

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Customer Reviews

Nick Scabis, Atlantic Coast Exteriors

Working with George at scalebloom was refreshing. They’re responsive, fairly priced, trustworthy, and deliver a great finished product. Very happy with the website and the service I received.

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Or Segev, Refinish-it!

This is the 3rd website George and Scalebloom have done for me and as always it is exactly what I wanted. they do a great, quick and affordable websites. I will recommend to my professional network

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Linda A, Life Unleashed

Scalebloom did a small website project for me and was on time and on budget! They were great to work with a very responsive! I would recommend them to anyone!

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Michael Miller, Raise The Brush

George and his team did an amazing job building my website for my painting contractor coaching business. From the beginning George helped me brainstorm a design and lay out for the website. During the process they were very understanding to my changes and the minor details that were important to my new website. They even gave me ideas that I didn’t consider for some of the layout! The communication between myself and the team was amazing. We communicated several times a week on various changes and updates. The over all process was great, quick and efficient. I highly recommend George and the entire Scalebloom team! I will be referring all my clients to them!

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Tyler Bell, Fresh Cut Painting

Tyler Bell, Fresh Cut Painting

George did a great job building my website for my painting company. I am extremely satisfied with what he did. Its extremely easy to navigate and he was very responsive.

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Roy A. R&P Company

Roy A. R&P Company

We hired Scalebloom to design our website for R&P Company in Charlotte NC. It was an excellent experience and I highly recommend this company.

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Scalebloom Web Development F.A.Q.

What do Websites Cost?

See our pricing page here to learn about our different development packages. SEO services are custom priced based on your market. You can always contact us for a free consultation.

How Long is the Process of Web Development?

Small web design projects of under 5 pages are typically completed in 2-3 weeks. Most medium-sized websites are completed in 4-8 weeks. And enterprise-level websites can take 3-8 months.

Who Will Work on My Website?

Our team of talented web developers and SEO experts is right here in Charlotte NC. You’ll get to work directly with one of our designers, unlike other agencies that serve as a middleman while outsourcing your project.

You can even visit our Charlotte Web Design agency to discuss your website, marketing, or SEO project details with us at our office:

10801 Johnston Rd Suite 108 Charlotte NC 28226.

Do You Help With The Website After It’s Done?

Yes, we offer website care plans that include everything you need to get the most out of your website. Whether it’s hosting, content updates, SEO, digital marketing services, or more, our Charlotte Web Design team has you covered.

Or if you want to maintain it yourself, we’ll give you a ‘Website Owner’s Manual’ that teaches you how to do it yourself.

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