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9 Best Contractor Websites of 2023

Check our reviews of 2023’s best examples of websites for contractors from around the web. We show you what we like and these websites and what we would improve.


What we like

  • Compelling visuals that immediately draw the eye: Stunning photos of high-end properties make the hero section a visual delight. This emphasizes the selling proposition of Toll Brothers — building luxury homes with distinct architecture. 
  • Strong calls-to-action: A sizable search box sits amid the hero section, making it easy to find a new home by searching by map or entering a zip code, city, or community. The header CTA and limited-time offer below the hero section are perfect engagement elements. 
  • Great menu choices: With only five links, the menu promotes fast and simple navigation. The Toll Brothers Advantage is the first navigational link, effectively guiding leads down the sales funnel. 

We’d improve

  • Update the font color, so the logo and header menu look visible at all times against the changing hero images. 



What we like

  • Innovative, one-of-a-kind design: We like how it creates an unforgettable digital experience. With no scroll bar, the Connect Homes website smoothly transitions from one page to the next simply by scrolling down.  
  • Cool animations boost visual interest: You’ll see animations of a white structure being built into a home as you scroll from page to page. 
  • High-quality photography exudes professionalism. 

We’d improve

  • Update call-to-actions to stand out more with better fonts, sizes, or colors. Adding a phone number to the header can provide an additional contact option for fast communication.   


What we like

  • Strategic call-to-actions, including a free quote form in the hero section and a large yellow phone number in the header. 
  • Good color contrast draws attention to CTAs and headings.
  • Spotlights special features and deals to stir interest: ABC Seamless provides a downloadable design tool. It lets users visualize how different colors and products look in their homes. The website also highlights a 0% financing option to entice leads. 
  • Visually engaging, image-rich design: A vivid photo of a happy family creates an inviting feeling. High-quality photography throughout the site makes an excellent first impression.  

We’d improve

  • Simplify the navigation menu by removing and combining some links. 



What we like

  • Powerful call-to-actions: A checklist form on the left of the hero section with a yellow Start a Conversation CTA motivates visitors to take the next step. Various eye-catching CTAs throughout the website effectively generate conversions and boost engagement.  
  • Stunning, heartwarming photos sell the dream: Pictures of a smiling couple in the first hero image and in the review section create a feeling of warmth. 
  • Copy reflects the brand’s identity and personality, with captivating lines like “making dreams a reality.”
  • Award and trust badges at the bottom increase trustworthiness. 

We’d improve

  • Highlight competitive advantage, ideally between the hero and service sections.  


What we like

  • Highlights “one-of-a-kind craftsmanship” selling proposition in the heading: Timber Ridge Properties emphasizes what they offer as Denver’s best custom builder and remodeler. It’s a stellar way to differentiate their services from the rest. 
  • Features “award-winning team and service” as a competitive advantage: Plus, award badges at the bottom increase credibility. 
  • Crisp imagery: From the hero image to the project gallery overview, you’ll get a good sense of the quality workmanship the company provides. 

We’d improve

  • Update font and call-to-action to improve visibility: The tagline is hard to read with its small font size and faint color. We also recommend making the upper-right phone number more attention-catching for better conversions.  


What we like

  • A smooth, creative, intuitive design that stands out: The unique layout makes exploring the site an enjoyable experience. Each page transitions smoothly to the next when you scroll down. There’s a unique scroll bar on the right featuring dots and arrows. 
  • Excellent visual hierarchy, arranging elements from the most essential items to a final call to action. The website guides you from the first to the last step of renovating your home using clear, concise copy. 
  • Stunning photos and illustrations: You’ll get a welcoming feeling from the images of smiling couples. Vivid illustrations add a personalized touch.  

We’d improve

  • Add more reviews or testimonials: Divine Builders features only one short review, which doesn’t look too credible.


What we like

  • Compelling, well-thought-out copy and logical layout that spotlight benefits and competitive edge in an easy-to-understand and engaging way. 
  • Excellent call-to-actions: Bold red CTAs throughout the site are great for turning leads into sales. The hero section features a design consultation request form to ease decision-making. 
  • The hero banner has a video background that shows a mom with her toddler, helping prospects visualize their dream home. 
  • Floating accessibility adjustment option: This makes it easy for users to explore the website. 

We’d improve

  • Rearrange some content, like moving customer highlights and reviews upward and positioning the remodeling workshop details lower. The event section needs a Learn More button, so interested clients know where to go next. 


What we like

  • Lovely photo in the hero banner: The image of a smiling lady relaxing in her safe haven is the perfect welcoming sight when prospects visit the website. It makes people feel warm and at ease. 
  • Strong call-to-actions: The Find Your Local Re-Bath and Free Design Consultation CTAs are excellent prompts to start the customer’s journey. Red CTA buttons pop out against the light-colored website theme.  
  • Builds brand consistency: We like how the web design applies consistent branding, from the rounded logo and call-to-actions to the white-and-red palette and font choices. 
  • Video testimonial and stunning gallery: Interviews and beautiful photos inspire trust and confidence. 

We’d improve

  • Show actual, verifiable reviews from platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook for extra credibility. 


What we like

  • Memorable web design, featuring pops of orange and white and a solid black header. It’s an attractive color combination that easily stands out. 
  • Attention-grabbing call-to-actions: The orange Book Free Consultation call-to-action against a series of darkened hero images effectively draws attention. We like the strategically positioned CTAs that entice users to take the next step. 
  • YouTube channel link establishes authority: Down the page, you’ll find an invitation to The Ultimate Pro’s YouTube channel to learn about construction and design. We like how the video backdrop of an expert demonstrates an authoritative image. 
  • Cool reveal effect: Hovering over the numbered service panels unveils a cohesive image. 

We’d improve

  • Reposition and highlight the Request a Quote call-to-action in the sticky header for better engagement while users explore the website. 

The right place for contractor website design services

We make websites for contractors that work right on all major browsers and screen sizes. Make a big impact and add credibility to your business with a powerful new website. After working with hundreds of contractors, we’ve learned a thing or two about the specific features and elements most important in building a high converting contractor website.

A website design mockup

Mobile-first has taken off

Get your website on board

Mobile-first websites for contractors need to be optimized with sticky (fixed position) menus and clear Call-to-Action buttons. Your website also needs to load fast on mobile devices and be easy to navigate. Reap the SEO benefits of a great-looking and properly optimized mobile-first website to start converting more mobile visitors with our web design services.

A website design mockup
A website design mockup

Customers are more trusting of contractors with websites

Not having an SEO-optimized business website means you’re limiting the total amount of customers that would be able to locate your home improvement business. In fact, 30% of people choose not to work with a company that does not have a website. Do you really want to lose this 30% of the clients you should be converting? Probably not. We help you reach your entire audience.

A good way to think about this is to picture in your mind a physical store location. If you had to select one of two storefronts, would you rather choose the type of store that has the inviting presence as well as window displays that feature their items for sale, or would you choose the dark and uninviting type of store right next door (that also happens to have its front door locked)? The solution is pretty apparent. Just like you would make your physical store inviting, websites needs to be as well. Clients want reputable contractors to have a professional online presence, and that begins with owning a website. One final thought. If customers aren’t finding your website, they certainly will land on someone else’s.


It starts with the planning stage

We deep dive into your company, target audience, & key business objectives. Collaboratively working with your stakeholders, we align the goals & vision for your brand.


User persona(s)

Beyond mere demographics, we explore your ideal customer’s motivations, challenges, and objections in order to craft website user stories that lead to engagement & conversion.


Brand stylescapes

People remember, care for, and buy from brands they can relate to. We help define your brand attributes (think “personality traits”) and the design language that reinforces them.


Website wireframe

We map your website’s feature set, display order, and navigation based on your ideal customer’s motivations and objections to lay out the fastest pathway to conversion.

Then, the content & design stage

The key to content & design is to write the content first, and then craft a design that is tailored fit to deliver that content thoughtfully, coherently, and elegantly.



We review your current material, plan a content migration strategy, and write new copy that aligns with your brand and speaks directly to your user persona(s) to increase engagement.


Visual assets

We design custom iconography, illustrations, and/or video in line with your brand’s design language to support the sales copy and help users understand your value propositions.


UX design

We design a mockup integrating brand identity, research-based UX, elevated aesthetics, and optimal content presentation, which can only be achieved by designing after copywriting.

Development & launch

With the visual design mockups approved, the developer will bring the designer’s vision to life using current best practices, clean code, and scalable frameworks.



53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes over three seconds to load. We boost your sales with faster-loading pages and passing Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores.



15% of the population has some sort of disability. We design and develop your website to be easy to use for most people so that you don’t lose potential customers.



Every website is a constant target for hackers. Our multi-layered website security approach helps mitigate risks to avoid data loss and drops in your search engine rankings.

A website acts as a 24-hour sales rep for a contractor or construction company

Most contractors can’t operate all day, every day. In the event your prospective shoppers can’t fall asleep and go looking for a contractor at two in the morning, you need to provide a method for them to contact your company without reaching you by phone. Your site may act as a 24-hour employee for your company — always on the ready to answer questions shoppers have, display descriptions about your services, and make it simple for them to reach out or book a call. A web page makes your contractor business simple to reach, which as a result will help you convert better sales leads.

A website design mockup
A website design mockup

Consumers are looking for your company on the internet

Google gets around 5.6 billion searches per day. It is one of the very first websites people go to search for a nearby business or contractors. In fact, someone may be searching for some type of home service or contracting company within range at this very moment — what are they going to see? Nearly all shoppers seek more information about a nearby contractor on the internet compared to any other place.

Word of mouth can only get you so far. If a client mentions the great job your company completed to their colleague, that colleague is subsequently going to try type your company’s name online to find more information. Although a few customers may still have an obsolete physical book of the yellow pages, that is highly unlikely. The first choice nowadays is to go on the Internet and search for a nearby contractor. As a small business, you want to own an SEO optimized site to optimize your online presence and marketing footprint on the search engine results list. If people are searching for your remodeling business, you need to provide whatever it is that they want so invest in a high quality contractor web design.

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Your company’s website helps with advertising and marketing your services

A report from the Local Search Association showed that 63% of shoppers utilize a local company’s web page to find and engage with them. Building a professional website with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fundamentals will give your target customers the information they want. Improving your website to show up on the top of search results lists on search engine websites like Google will immediately put your company right in front of your prospective client. Avoid giving the future customer an opportunity to use a different contractor only because you don’t have a professional website for marketing your remodeling business.

a website design
A website design mockup

Clients want to start a connection with your brand

When making a large purchase or deciding on a contractor to undergo a large home improvement job, the consumer will want to employ someone they feel a connection with. Your website is the ideal advertising method to build a relationship with prospective clients more in-depth and communicate with them what makes your remodeling business so special.

With a website, you can have the foundation for putting a brilliant digital marketing strategy in place that allows your company to advertise content regarding the company history, employee profiles, and in-depth descriptions of your service offering (and price quotes, if relevant). You can also publish blogs or articles that answer common questions or topics, start a content marketing campaign, show the glowing homeowner testimonials you’ve seen, and have a gallery of professional photos of your successful jobs and services. A professional web design allows you to paint a picture for your prospective customer and give them a deep understanding of the caliber of contractors they’d be trusting.

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2022 Local Excellence Award Winner, Web Design

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2021 Certificate of Excellence, Web Design

We offer contractor website design in all contractor service industries

The first step in marketing your contracting business is a custom website design. When homeowners find contractors on social media, yard signs, van signs, etc. they’ll look them up to learn more. So make it a great first impression with an impactful website that presents your remodeling business as an authority in your industry.


Get an edge in the competitive construction industry with an authoritative contractor website design to wow your customers & benefit from SEO.

Remodeling & Home Improvement

Boost your marketing by creating trust and credibility with homeowners and property managers visiting your remodeling website.

Roofing & Much More

We build websites & marketing strategies for any type of contractor, from residential roofing to commercial construction, we help local & national companies.

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Web design

Our web design pricing for contractors is from $3,000 to $10,000 USD.

The variance is due to the scope required to meet the client’s goals. We’ll provide you with a proposal that includes the total price as well as a breakdown of the estimated hours and our rates.

Scalebloom is a globally distributed team with remote workers in the United States, Europe, & Asia.

Our main office is in Charlotte, NC.

Yes. We have a monthly website management plan to help you get the most out of your website.

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