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Scalebloom implements the right features when building an HVAC contractor website that will attract and convert customers. We position your business as the local authority for professional HVAC services. A customized site is the first step in spreading the word about your HVAC business. The moment potential customers discover your business via social networking sites, lawn signs, automobile signs, etc. they’ll look you up to learn more. We help you make a great first impression.

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Our Principles

Our Three Foundational Web Design Principles Result in Optimum Conversion

These principles guide our decision-making throughout every web design project to ensure top website performance and user experience.

Form Follows Function

We aim to achieve every client’s specific business objectives.

Every part of the design should balance functionality and aesthetics to help the website visitor perform the desired action and meet these objectives.

Content-First Design

The way your message is presented will shape your website visitor’s experience on your website.

Starting with content enables the Designer to optimally present key information and encourage specific user actions.

Facilitate Decision Making

The more choices you present your users with, the longer it will take them to reach a decision.

To prevent this, we simplify navigation menus, call-to-actions, offers, and other items to improve user experience.

Mobile-First Design Standards Have Taken Off. Prepare Your Website for Lift-Off.

In March 2018, Google announced the “mobile-first” index. Google evaluates the mobile version of a page, not the desktop version, for ranking positions. It’s therefore imperative that HVAC contractors’ websites are fully mobile responsive. Make your website easy for mobile visitors by having a fixed position (sticky) menu, prominent call to action buttons, and fast mobile loading times to convert more leads into customers.

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How We Work

Our Process for Guaranteed Success

Our robust design & development process is designed to create an experience that communicates directly with your target audiences and gets them engaged with your website.


Onboarding & Kickoff

Further clarification of the project via a conference call with key stakeholders.

We’ll run you through our process, the tools we use, and develop a project timeline.



We’ll conduct a deep dive into your company, industry, target audience, and key business objectives.

We work in a collaborative approach with your key stakeholders, creating alignment with respect to the goals and vision for your brand.


Content Creation

Our copywriters create engaging content that reinforces your brand’s story, values, and mission.

By creating content first, the design will be tailored fit to deliver that content thoughtfully, coherently, and elegantly.


Visual Design

With the content ready, the Designer takes their cue. Using Figma, we’ll prepare design mockups and gather your feedback along the way.

Additionally, our Developer works with the Designer to discover the best solutions.



With the design mockups approved, the Developer will bring the Designer’s vision to life using current best practices, clean code, and scalable frameworks.

It’s this design & development teamwork that allows us to craft your dream website.


Testing & Quality Assurance

We test critical functionalities and ensure compatibility across the most commonly used devices and browsers.

Our QA tests include validation testing, browser and device testing, and input testing.


Website Launch

We help you transfer the completed website from our development environment to the hosting platform of your choice.

We can even help you with your domain, CDN, SMTP, SSL, and website security software.



Once your website is live, we’re there to help in every way, shape, and form.

Performing routine maintenance, content updates, bug fixes, and other troubleshooting. We’re your team, and we’ll stick with you over the course of the new website’s lifecycle

6 Reasons Your HVAC Business Needs a Professional Website

In this digital age, the main question you should be asking is — do you have a website for your company? If the answer is no, what’s stopping you? Trust us, we’ve seen all the reasons why some start up business owners chose not to have a website: “My target customer does not like the Internet.” or “We just lack the time to run a website.” However, in the age of laptops and smartphones, these excuses simply do not work any longer. Your business’s prospective customers are going to Google and searching for HVAC companies nearby. Without a discoverable website, you’re hiding your business and making it impossible for potential visitors to locate your business! And if your company isn’t appearing as an option, what competitors are instead? If by chance still need further convincing, we’ve explained six reasons why your business needs to make its very own website:

A customer making an online purchase at home
A website design mockup

1) Consumers Trust Businesses that have Websites

As a business owner, your main mission is to make a profit. Not having a website results in limiting the total amount of potential customers that might be able to contact your business! In fact, 30% of people will not hire a business that doesn’t own a website.

Do you really want to push away all of the customers you could be reaching? Most definitely not! To put this in perspective, consider a tangible store location. If you had to select one of two stores, would you either choose the store that has the inviting presence as well as front windows that showcase their items for sale or would you choose the dark and uninviting store right next door (that happens to be locked)? The answer is very obvious. Just like you would want to make your company’s tangible store inviting, your company’s website should be too.

Customers want well-known companies to have an impressive internet presence, and this presence starts with having a website. Consider this. If shoppers aren’t finding your company’s website, they’re going to locate a competitor’s website.

2) A Website Acts as Your 24-Hour Sales Rep

Your business can’t operate all day, every day. When your potential customers are in a different timezone and browse the web for an HVAC company in the middle of the night, you need to offer a way for them to reach out to your business without getting you by phone. Your site can serve as an automated employee for your company — always standing by to answer questions customers may have, provide descriptions about your products or services, and make it simple for them to contact or schedule a meeting. A site makes your business easily accessible, which as a result will help you convert more lucrative sales contracts.

A person viewing website data on a tablet computer

3) Consumers Are Searching for Your Business On the Internet

Information is searched for on Google 5.6 billion times per day. It is one of the first websites shoppers land on find a nearby business. In fact someone could be searching for a HVAC business near you right now — so, what are these shoppers going to find? 97% of shoppers find more information about a nearby business on the internet relative to any other place.

Customers talking about your business will only get you so far. When a client talks about the wonderful job your company did to their friend, that friend is subsequently going to locate your information. Although some people could still have an ancient paper book of the yellow pages, that is extremely rare. The instinctual choice these days is to go online and search for a nearby HVAC service. As a small enterprise, you should own a webpage to maximize your online presence on the search engine results pages. If customers are searching for you, you need to give them whatever it is that they want!

4) Your Site Creates a Channel of Engagement with the Shopper

A report from the Local Search Association showed that 63% of shoppers utilize a local business website to contact them. Building a business website will give your desired clientele what they need, and furthermore optimizing your site to show up on the top of search results lists of search engine websites like Google will put your business directly in front of your target customer. Don’t give the possible client a reason to choose someone else only because your company doesn’t run a website.

A computer screen with website data
A designer drawing sketches

5) Consumers Hope to Create a Relationship with Your Company

At the time of making an important purchase or deciding on a company to undergo an HVAC job, the consumer wants to hire someone they trust. Your website is the best method to build a relationship with your customers on a deeper level as well as communicate with them what makes your business so special. With a website, your company can have the foundation for putting a solid marketing strategy in motion that allows your business to advertise content around the company background, profiles on each of your team members, detailed descriptions about each service (as well as price quotes, if applicable).

On a website, you can also publish blogs that answer frequently asked questions, highlight some of the glowing shopper testimonials you have received, and showcase professional photos of your recent HVAC jobs. A web page allows your company to tell a story for your prospective client and give them a deep understanding of the type of company they’d be trusting.

6) Placing Your Website within the Local Pack Is Essential

Have you ever noticed the image near the top of a Google search that points out different local businesses using the map? This is referred to as the local pack. If you run a local HVAC business, your objective should be to secure a spot within the local pack because local pack companies receive 44% of the total clicks on the SERP. It is important to note that Google does take into account your proximity to shopper, the company’s mail address, as well as the primary category, the search algorithm also factors in your business website. If your business has a well-designed website with helpful backlinks, high domain authority, and a good click-through rate, you increase your chances of getting a spot in the local pack.

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Scalebloom Web Development F.A.Q.

What do HVAC Websites Cost?

Simple websites with less than 10 pages usually cost between $2000 to $3000. Medium sized websites with 10-30 pages usually cost between $3000-$8000. You can always contact us for a free consultation.

Do You Help With The Website After It’s Done?

Yes, our website management plans help you get the most out of your website. Whether it’s hosting, content updates, content additions, content marketing, SEO, digital marketing services, or more, our team has you covered.

Or if you want to maintain it yourself, we’ll help by giving you a ‘Website Owner’s Manual’ that teaches you how to do it yourself.

How Long is the Process of Web Development?

Small web design projects of under 5 pages are typically completed in 3-5 weeks. Most medium-sized websites are completed in 5-12 weeks. And enterprise-level websites can take 12-24 weeks.

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