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9 best HVAC websites of 2023

Check our reviews of 2023’s best examples of HVAC contractor websites from around the web. We show you what we like about these websites and what we would improve.


What we like

  • Multiple call-to-actions immediately welcome visitors and show them where to go next. An estimate form on the bottom nudges prospects to schedule a booking.
  • Professionally created video header: We love how this video shows friendly, uniformed employees actively helping clients to boost trust and confidence.
  • Online store: An integrated online store allows customers to purchase anything from HVAC air filters to thermostats.
  • Trust badges like Angie’s List and Houzz awards add credibility.

We’d improve

  • Improve the chunky text below the header: The entire text with awkwardly broken paragraphs needs to be polished.


What we like

  • Strong calls-to-action: A large Make an Appointment button immediately draws the eye. We like how they spotlight their 24/7 emergency services next to the Call Us button on the upper right. More call-to-actions, including an appointment form, are spread throughout the homepage.
  • A cool YouTube video with custom animations: Down the page, you’ll find a creative video presentation of the company’s HVAC services.
  • FAQs: Quick answers to common questions help prospects make a decision.

We’d improve

  • Verifiable five-star reviews would be great: Actual reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, or other socials can make more impact.


What we like

  • Easy-to-read texts and large buttons: We love how everything is so easy on the eye. The bold red menu and buttons add a pop of color to the blue-and-white color scheme. 
  • Compelling calls-to-action: Three buttons in bright red draw attention and allow potential clients to choose their desired action.
  • Well-organized sections: The entire homepage scrolls smoothly and everything looks organized, from the HVAC services and reviews to the best price guarantee highlight and blog.
  • Floating contact form: An ever-present contact button on the lower right makes it easy to get in touch with the HVAC company.

We’d improve

  • Tone down on the footer font size: The footer would probably look better if the font size matches the top navigation menu as the texts look too big.


What we like

  • Welcoming header photo and high-quality photos throughout the homepage: The image of a happy, smiling family is very relatable, immediately making visitors feel at ease. We also like the custom company-branded truck image for a professional touch.
  • Takes social proof to the next level by displaying recent bookings on the bottom, making potential clients feel that other people trust this company. Verifiable Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews and trust badges help drive sales.
  • Strategic calls-to-action: Almost every section features the company’s phone number in bold red and a Get a Quote button side-by-side to increase conversions.
  • Effectively highlights competitive advantages, like being family-owned and insured and offering an on-time guarantee. This HVAC company also shows easy financing options.

We’d improve

  • Add a floating live chat or contact form for frictionless communication. Many HVAC websites already use this feature, especially for HVAC companies that service larger areas.


What we like

  • Creates a memorable impression with a unique web design oozing a retro vibe. Custom illustrations add a touch of creativity, and the warm color palette is visually pleasing. The HVAC company’s services are categorized in nifty box illustrations that reveal relevant images when you hover over them.
  • Attention-catching calls-to-action: We love the bookmark-style Schedule an Appointment button on the upper right. Various calls-to-action, including Call Us buttons and a simplified contact form, urge prospects to schedule a booking.  
  • Effectively conveys the company’s value proposition. The website highlights the HVAC company’s competitive advantages, including a reliable 24/7 service, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and highly trained technicians.
  • Highlights the company’s membership program and special deals. Interested customers get a glimpse of the program’s perks. Down the homepage are limited-time offers that further encourage prospects to book an appointment.

6. We’d improve

  • A floating live chat or contact button would ease communication, especially for customers in a hurry. Even if you don’t have a live agent you can tailor the response to answer popular queries.


What we like

  • Professionally made video hero backdrop with a clever heading: We like how the video shows custom-wrapped HVAC trucks driving to customers’ homes, giving off a trustworthy vibe.
  • Accentuates a well-defined brand: The website boasts excellent branding consistency with complementary colors in the logo, texts, and backgrounds and rounded buttons.
  • Eye-catching call-to-actions: The orange contact button in the navigation menu easily stands out. Contact numbers in contrasting orange buttons and other call-to-actions throughout the homepage compel prospects to call the HVAC company.
  • High-quality, relatable images plus a short YouTube video of the owner. Crisp, appealing photos of happy families and couples create an emotional connection. We like that the company owner explains his humble beginnings through a video for more personal storytelling.

We’d improve

  • Add a floating live chat or custom contact form for an additional communication option.


What we like

  • Excellent brand consistency in web design: The website flaunts a stunning white-and-green color scheme, representing the HVAC company’s energy-efficient services. We love how the overall design looks refreshing as traditional HVAC websites usually have white-black-red palettes.
  • Strong call-to-actions: The company’s phone number is on the upper right, and double Request Service buttons catch the eye. The entire homepage has multiple strategic call-to-actions, including a 0% financing option and an estimate form on the bottom.
  • Great focus on value proposition: This website spotlights why the HVAC company is the best in the state, like their energy-saving ductless heating system and VIP preventative maintenance services.
  • Professional images and custom illustrations: The hero image showcases a custom depiction of green homes with the company’s branded vehicle in the forefront. You’ll also find clickable custom illustrations of different HVAC services.

We’d improve

  • Social proof like testimonials and reviews would be a great addition to the website’s trust badges.


What we like

  • Professional hero image with a compelling heading and high-star ratings on the forefront: The website immediately instills trust by showing outstanding ratings from top review platforms. The header highlights the fact that the company has been providing HVAC services since 1945. This shows potential clients that they are well-established.
  • Persuasive call-to-actions: Wherever you look, you’ll see the bright orange Schedule Service button and other strong call-to-actions, including a request form.
  • High-grade images of uniformed HVAC technicians in action and custom-wrapped vehicles make the company look more trustworthy.

We’d improve

  • Additional features like a live chat or an accessibility option will help improve user experience.


What we like

  • Clean, simple, intuitive web design: This HVAC website looks professional and provides just enough information without overwhelming users.
  • An intriguing Free Furnace Special offer in the heading plus multiple call-to-actions: The enticing offer is positioned in the header to draw attention and boost sales. Potential clients have different options to book an appointment for flexibility.
  • Well-organized overall: The website flaunts a simple design with organized sections and minimal text.

We’d improve

  • Add more compelling copy: Do they offer a service guarantee? Are they licensed and insured? The website could highlight the HVAC company’s competitive advantage or show a multi-step process of how they get things done for a more conversion-focused approach.

The leading provider of HVAC contractor website design

Scalebloom implements the right features when building an HVAC contractor website that will attract and convert customers. We position your business as the local authority for professional HVAC services. A customized site is the first step in spreading the word about your HVAC business. The moment potential customers discover your business via social networking sites, lawn signs, automobile signs, etc. they’ll look you up to learn more. We help you make a great first impression.



It starts with the planning stage

We deep dive into your company, target audience, & key business objectives. Collaboratively working with your stakeholders, we align the goals & vision for your brand.


User persona(s)

Beyond mere demographics, we explore your ideal customer’s motivations, challenges, and objections in order to craft website user stories that lead to engagement & conversion.


Brand stylescapes

People remember, care for, and buy from brands they can relate to. We help define your brand attributes (think “personality traits”) and the design language that reinforces them.


Website wireframe

We map your website’s feature set, display order, and navigation based on your ideal customer’s motivations and objections to lay out the fastest pathway to conversion.

Then, the content & design stage

The key to content & design is to write the content first, and then craft a design that is tailored fit to deliver that content thoughtfully, coherently, and elegantly.



We review your current material, plan a content migration strategy, and write new copy that aligns with your brand and speaks directly to your user persona(s) to increase engagement.


Visual assets

We design custom iconography, illustrations, and/or video in line with your brand’s design language to support the sales copy and help users understand your value propositions.


UX design

We design a mockup integrating brand identity, research-based UX, elevated aesthetics, and optimal content presentation, which can only be achieved by designing after copywriting.

Development & launch

With the visual design mockups approved, the developer will bring the designer’s vision to life using current best practices, clean code, and scalable frameworks.



53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes over three seconds to load. We boost your sales with faster-loading pages and passing Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores.



15% of the population has some sort of disability. We design and develop your website to be easy to use for most people so that you don’t lose potential customers.



Every website is a constant target for hackers. Our multi-layered website security approach helps mitigate risks to avoid data loss and drops in your search engine rankings.

Mobile-first design standards have taken off.

Prepare your website for lift-off

In March 2018, Google announced the “mobile-first” index. Google evaluates the mobile version of a page, not the desktop version, for ranking positions. It’s therefore imperative that HVAC contractors’ websites are fully mobile responsive. Make your website easy for mobile visitors by having a fixed position (sticky) menu, prominent call to action buttons, and fast mobile loading times to convert more leads into customers.

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Consumers trust HVAC businesses that have websites

As a business owner, your main mission is to make a profit. Not having a website results in limiting the total amount of potential customers that might be able to contact your business! In fact, 30% of people will not hire a business that doesn’t own a website.

Do you really want to push away all of the customers you could be reaching? Most definitely not! To put this in perspective, consider a tangible store location. If you had to select one of two stores, would you either choose the store that has the inviting presence as well as front windows that showcase their items for sale or would you choose the dark and uninviting store right next door (that happens to be locked)? The answer is very obvious. Just like you would want to make your company’s tangible store inviting, your company’s website should be too.

Customers want well-known companies to have an impressive internet presence, and this presence starts with having a website. Consider this. If shoppers aren’t finding your company’s website, they’re going to locate a competitor’s website.

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A website acts as your 24-hour sales rep

Your business can’t operate all day, every day. When your potential customers are in a different timezone and browse the web for an HVAC company in the middle of the night, you need to offer a way for them to reach out to your business without getting you by phone. Your site can serve as an automated employee for your company — always standing by to answer questions customers may have, provide descriptions about your products or services, and make it simple for them to contact or schedule a meeting. A site makes your business easily accessible, which as a result will help you convert more lucrative sales contracts.

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Consumers are searching for your business on the internet

Information is searched for on Google 5.6 billion times per day. It is one of the first websites shoppers land on find a nearby business. In fact someone could be searching for a HVAC business near you right now — so, what are these shoppers going to find? 97% of shoppers find more information about a nearby business on the internet relative to any other place.

Customers talking about your business will only get you so far. When a client talks about the wonderful job your company did to their friend, that friend is subsequently going to locate your information. Although some people could still have an ancient paper book of the yellow pages, that is extremely rare. The instinctual choice these days is to go online and search for a nearby HVAC service. As a small enterprise, you should own a webpage to maximize your online presence on the search engine results pages. If customers are searching for you, you need to give them whatever it is that they want!

Web design

Most projects take 2-4 months to complete.

Yes. Our hosting & maintenance plans will help you get the most out of your website.

We’ll also record and send videos showing you how to edit your website using WordPress. We also include a website owner’s manual.

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are important in an HVAC website because they motivate visitors to take steps instead of leaving the site. They guide leads through the buying journey and ultimately boost sales.

A user-friendly design, conversion-focused copy, positive customer reviews, and a clear value proposition can make an HVAC website stand out. Additionally, be sure your website allows online scheduling and booking to give prospects a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Awards & recognition

Top 5 web design companies in North Carolina

2022 Local Excellence Award Winner, Web Design

2022 Best Web Developers in Charlotte

2021 Certificate of Excellence, Web Design

Your site creates a channel of engagement

A report from the Local Search Association showed that 63% of shoppers utilize a local business website to contact them. Building a business website will give your desired clientele what they need, and furthermore optimizing your site to show up on the top of search results lists of search engine websites like Google will put your business directly in front of your target customer. Don’t give the possible client a reason to choose someone else only because your company doesn’t run a website.

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