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9 best painting contractor websites of 2023

Check our reviews of 2023’s best examples of house painter websites from around the web. We show you what we like about these websites and what we would improve.


What we like

  • Clear, well-positioned call-to-actions: The orange Book an Appointment CTA stands out against a darkened hero image of a lovely interior. The header features another eye-catching orange Get an Estimate CTA with a clickable phone number above. 
  • Before-and-after photos: We like the crisp, before-and-after images, as it gives customers a glimpse of what the company can do for them.
  • 5-Star Ratings: Five-star local reviews cement a company’s reputation and credibility. 
  • Live chat: Customers who don’t have time to skim through chunks of text want to contact your business conveniently. A live chat feature can quickly help people get answers and book appointments. 

We’d improve

  • Needs a more engaging tagline: Instead of a generic, repetitive subheading focusing on the service area, a catchy phrase or standout selling proposition leads to better conversions. 


What we like

  • Clean, modern design with a professional look and feel that appeal to target audiences. 
  • Trust badges and awards improve sales and conversions: Below the hero section is a series of trust badges, awards, and credentials that make visitors more confident in choosing the painting company.   
  • Stellar copy and well-organized sections: We like the creative and conversion-focused copy. Overall, the website has a well-thought-out structure, featuring distinct service sectors, characteristics that set the company apart, and a multi-step demonstration of how they do things. 

We’d improve

  • Needs an eye-catching header CTA: We suggest putting a call-to-action beside the Contact Us link to help users know what to do next and keep them engaged with the brand.  


What we like

  • Visually pleasing color palette: Gradient light green and cream tones beautify the website’s design, making it aesthetic and easy on the eye. The homepage looks like a dreamy magazine cover, with a beautiful image of a house that blends well with the backdrop color. 
  • Minimalist style with only the most vital navigation links: The website looks clean and easy to navigate. Only five navigation options are in the header for a fast and frictionless appointment process. 

We’d improve

  • Needs more call-to-actions and highlights of benefits: Given the minimalist design, clear CTAs in the header and hero section will certainly stand out and improve conversions. Highlighting selling propositions and adding elements like five-star ratings will also help convert leads to sales. 


What we like

  • Clear CTAs plus a sticky header: It’s hard to miss the bold Schedule a Free Estimate call-to-action beside the logo and the enticing limited-time offer above the hero section. The left side of the header also features a phone number that’s repeated as a Call Now CTA in the hero section. 
  • A floating contact button makes it easy to get in touch with the company while visitors explore the site. 
  • Great reviews and solid numbers: The hero section boasts five-star Google and Facebook reviews, elevating the painting company’s credibility. Plus, you’ll find impressive numbers down the page, like 4,000+ customers in 60+ years.

We’d improve

  • Hero image could be better: Drop the bland, overused photo of a home exterior. We recommend using a more relatable hero image to create a welcoming experience for homeowners.


What we like

  • Excellent brand consistency in website design, featuring white and green colors on the logo, hero image, navigational menu, and headings for a unified theme. 
  • Clean header with attractive call-to-actions: The header finds beauty in simplicity. A well-positioned Get a Free Quote CTA and a clickable phone number above maximize engagement.  
  • Real five-star reviews and neat service sections: Snippets of actual Yelp and Google reviews inspire trust. You’ll also find well-organized service sections that make exploring the site smooth and easy.

6. We’d improve

  • Could use an attractive heading and tagline: The Get a Free Quote form on the right side of the hero section is an excellent CTA. However, adding a primary heading with a catchy subheading or distinct selling proposition, like the company’s free color consultation, can stir more interest. 


What we like

  • A striking video header that adds a personal touch: Videos allow a brand to tell a story and capture interest. We like how the video header shows painting experts in action, demonstrating what you can expect from a professional painting company. 
  • Strong CTAs: There’s a sizable Schedule Now header CTA plus phone numbers and a conspicuous seasonal offer in bold red font. These persuasive, easy-to-spot elements effectively encourage prospects to take the next step.
  • A nifty flip effect and cool truck animation add visual interest: Hovering over the boxes in the middle of the page reveals catchy one-liners on what sets the company apart. 

We’d improve

  • Could use a solid heading: For example, Arizona’s #1 Painting Company, Trusted by Homeowners More Than Anyone Else. 


What we like

  • Powerful call-to-actions: The Schedule a Quote CTAs, clickable phone number at the top, and simple single-line contact form are great for boosting conversions. 
  • Unique selling proposition: See the nine-year labor and material warranty highlighted in the heading? It’s an excellent selling proposition that solidifies the company’s claim of being the #1 painting choice in its service area. 
  • Video review, social proof, and helpful FAQs: A short, 1-minute interview with a happy client and Google reviews show the wonderful experience people can have with the painting company. There’s also a brief FAQ section down the page that informs potential clients about painting costs to ease decision-making. 

We’d improve

  • Overall copy needs improvement: Highlighting the benefits and characteristics that make the company stand out can make the copy more persuasive.   


What we like

  • Well-thought-out design with a professional look and feel: Painters Inc’s website appeals to the commercial market with its well-organized sections, professional-grade photos, and clean blue-and-green palette against a plain white backdrop. 
  • Clear call-to-actions: Bright green Schedule a Free Estimate CTAs in the header and hero section immediately catch the eye. We like the addition of a link to five-star reviews in the hero section to increase trustworthiness. 
  • Persuasive selling propositions, a gallery of successful projects, safety seals, accreditations, and major brand clients all emphasize what makes the company the best in the field. 
  • Live chat with an actual customer service representative that responds to inquiries. 

We’d improve

  • There’s a lot going on in the header section, which may overwhelm prospects or take away interest from the website. To strike a balance, it helps to focus on the most essential navigational menu items and remove distracting options like social links.


What we like

  • Video hero backdrop: The thematic video shows how the company’s experienced painters handle painting jobs. It also displays lovely blue-and-white home exteriors for brand consistency. 
  • Video testimonials: In addition to five-star ratings, video testimonials from satisfied clients elevate the company’s reputation. 
  • Strong CTAs: The header highlights a bright yellow Schedule an Estimate call-to-action, which reappears in the hero section. Solid CTAs effectively guide customers in the right direction. 

We’d improve

  • Speed up the decision-making process by simplifying the header, ideally adding no more than seven navigation menu items. 

A leading provider of websites for painters

We’ve learned a thing or two from providing website design services for hundreds of the top painting companies in the US. We implement the right features to build a high-converting painting contractor website. A custom-built website is the first step in marketing your painting business.

When homeowners find you on social media, yard signs, van signs, etc. they’ll look you up to learn more. So make it a great first impression with an impactful painting business website that presents your business as a local authority in the painting industry.

A website design mockup


It starts with the planning stage

We deep dive into your company, target audience, & key business objectives. Collaboratively working with your stakeholders, we align the goals & vision for your brand.


User persona(s)

Beyond mere demographics, we explore your ideal customer’s motivations, challenges, and objections in order to craft website user stories that lead to engagement & conversion.


Brand stylescapes

People remember, care for, and buy from brands they can relate to. We help define your brand attributes (think “personality traits”) and the design language that reinforces them.


Website wireframe

We map your website’s feature set, display order, and navigation based on your ideal customer’s motivations and objections to lay out the fastest pathway to conversion.

Then, the content & design stage

The key to content & design is to write the content first, and then craft a design that is tailored fit to deliver that content thoughtfully, coherently, and elegantly.



We review your current material, plan a content migration strategy, and write new copy that aligns with your brand and speaks directly to your user persona(s) to increase engagement.


Visual assets

We design custom iconography, illustrations, and/or video in line with your brand’s design language to support the sales copy and help users understand your value propositions.


UX design

We design a mockup integrating brand identity, research-based UX, elevated aesthetics, and optimal content presentation, which can only be achieved by designing after copywriting.

Development & launch

With the visual design mockups approved, the developer will bring the designer’s vision to life using current best practices, clean code, and scalable frameworks.



53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes over three seconds to load. We boost your sales with faster-loading pages and passing Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores.



15% of the population has some sort of disability. We design and develop your website to be easy to use for most people so that you don’t lose potential customers.



Every website is a constant target for hackers. Our multi-layered website security approach helps mitigate risks to avoid data loss and drops in your search engine rankings.

Mobile-first design standards have taken off

Prepare your website for lift-off

In March 2018, Google announced the “mobile-first” index. Google evaluates the mobile version of a page, not the desktop version, for ranking positions. It’s therefore imperative that painting contractors’ websites are fully mobile responsive.

Make your website easy for mobile visitors by having a fixed position (sticky) menu, prominent call to action buttons, and fast mobile loading times to convert more leads into customers.

a website design
a website design

Consumers are more trusting of painters with websites

As a business owner, your primary goal is to bring in sales. Not having a website means you’re limiting the number of customers that will be able to find your business! In fact, 30% of consumers won’t work with a business that doesn’t have a website. Do you really want to miss out on 30% of the audience you could be reaching? Probably not!

A good way to think about this is to picture a physical storefront. If you had to choose to walk into one of two stores, would you choose the one with the inviting presence and window displays that feature their products and sales, or would you choose the dark and dingy store next door (that happens to be locked)? The answer is pretty obvious. Just like you would make your physical storefront inviting, your website needs to be too. Consumers expect reputable painting contractors to have a professional online presence, and that starts with having a website. Think about it this way. If they aren’t finding your website, they’re going to find someone else’s.

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A website acts as your company’s 24-hour sales rep

Your painting company can’t be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When your prospective customers can’t sleep and go looking for a painting company at two in the morning, you need to have a way for them to get to know your business without getting you on the phone. Your website should act as a 24-hour sales representative for your company — always ready to answer questions customers have, provide information about your services, and make it easy for them to get in touch or schedule an appointment. A website makes your painting company accessible, which as a result will help you bring in more leads.

With our unique experience as website designers in the residential and commercial painting industry, we can create a modern, highly converting website to increase your sales instantly.

A website design mockup
a website design

Consumers are looking for your painting company online

There are 5.6 billion Google searches a day. It’s one of the first places people go to search for a painting contractors. Someone might be searching for a painting company in your area right now — what are they going to find? 97% of consumers learn more about a local business online than anywhere else. Word of mouth can only get you so far. If someone mentions the great paint job you did to a friend, that friend is then going to try to find your information. While some customers might still have an ancient physical copy of the yellow pages, that’s highly unlikely. The natural instinct nowadays is to hop on the Internet and search for a local painting company. As a local business, you need to have a website to maximize your online real estate on the search engine results pages. If people are searching for you, you need to give them what they want!

Painting web design

Our typical web design pricing for painting companies is from $3,000 to $8,000 USD.

The variance is due to the scope of work required to meet the client’s objectives. We’ll provide you with a detailed proposal that includes the total fixed price as well as a breakdown of the estimated hours and our hourly rates for each role (writer, designer, developer, etc.).

Timelines vary greatly based on scope. Most projects take 2-4 months to complete.

You will work directly with me, George Leon, founder of Scalebloom.

I will manage your project and the team assigned to it, comprising 1 copywriter, 1 web designer, and 1 web developer.

I’m in Charlotte, NC, and am also an SEO consultant. I limit the amount of websites we take on each month in order to give each project the attention it deserves.

Scalebloom is a globally distributed team with remote workers in the United States, Europe, & Asia.

Our main office is in Charlotte, NC.

Yes. Our monthly maintenance plan will help you get the most out of your website.

We’ll also record and send videos showing you how to edit your website using WordPress. We also include a website owner’s manual.

Awards & recognition

Top 5 web design companies in North Carolina

2022 Local Excellence Award Winner, Web Design

2022 Best Web Developers in Charlotte

2021 Certificate of Excellence, Web Design

Your website opens up communication with the consumer

A report by the Local Search Association found that 63% of consumers use a local company’s website to find and engage with them. Building a professional website will provide your target audience with what they need, and optimizing your website to appear on the search results pages of Google will get your business directly in front of your target customer. Don’t give the prospective customer a reason to choose other painting contractors simply because you don’t have a website.

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