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Website Design for Contractors

The Right Website Solutions for Contractors

The first step in marketing your contracting business is a custom website. When homeowners find you on social media, yard signs, van signs, etc. they’ll look you up to learn more. So make it a great first impression with an impactful website that presents your business as an authority in your industry. 

Your website is the face of your company. Our unique website strategies are designed to inspire and convert your website visitors into paying customers.


Mobile-Friendly Isn’t Good Enough. Mobile-First has Taken Off. Get Your Website On Board

Mobile-first websites need to be optimized with sticky (fixed position) menus and clear Call-to-Action buttons. Your website also needs to load fast on mobile devices and be easy to navigate. Reap the benefits of a great looking and properly optimized mobile-first website to start converting more mobile visitors.

The Right Place for Website Design for Contractors

We make websites for contractors that work right on all major browsers and screen sizes. Make a big impact and add credibility to your business with a powerful new website. After working with hundreds of contractors, we’ve learned a thing or two about the specific features and elements most important in building a high converting contractor website.

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Stand out from your competition with our cutting edge website design and technologies. Built for conversion, our website designs engage your visitors and make a big impact.

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6 Reasons Why Your Contracting Company Needs a Quality Website

It’s 2020 — do you have a website for your company?

If the answer is no, what’s holding you back? Trust us, we’ve heard all the excuses why some start-up entrepreneurs do not have a business website: “My business’s audience doesn’t search the Internet.” or “I don’t have time and resources to run a website.” But in today’s day and age, these excuses just do not work anymore.

Your business’s target audience is searching Google for local home service and contracting companies. Without a discoverable website, you’re hiding your business and making it near impossible for potential customers to choose you! And if your business isn’t appearing as an option, then what competitors are instead?
If by chance still need some persuading, we have explained six reasons why your company needs a website:

website design for contractors
contractors website design

1) Customers Are More Trusting of Companies with Websites

Not having a business website means you’re limiting the total amount of customers that would be able to locate you. In fact, 30% of people choose not to work with a company that does not have a website. Do you really want to lose this 30% of the clients you should be converting? Probably not.

A good way to think about this is to picture in your mind a physical store location. If you had to select one of two storefronts, would you rather choose the store that has the inviting presence as well as window displays that feature their items for sale, or would you choose the dark and uninviting store right next door (that also happens to have its front door locked)? The solution is pretty apparent. Just like you would make your physical store inviting, your homepage needs to be as well. Customers want reputable businesses to have a professional online presence, and that begins with owning a website. One final thought. If customers aren’t finding your website, they certainly will land on someone else’s.

2) A Website Acts as Your Company’s 24-Hour Sales Rep

Your company can’t operate all day, every day. In the event your prospective shoppers can’t fall asleep and go looking for a contractor at two in the morning, you need to provide a method for them to contact your company without reaching you by phone. Your site may act as a 24-hour employee for your company — always on the ready to answer questions shoppers have, display descriptions about your offerings, and make it simple for them to reach out or book a call. A web page makes your business simple to reach, which as a result will help you convert better sales leads.

contractor website design

3) Consumers Are Looking for Your Company On the Internet

Google gets around 5.6 billion searches per day. It is one of the very first websites people go to search for a nearby business. In fact, someone may be searching for a home service or contracting company within range at this very moment — what are they going to see? Nearly all shoppers seek more information about a nearby business on the internet compared to any other place. Word of mouth can only get you so far. If a customer mentions the great job your company completed to their colleague, that colleague is subsequently going to try to find your company’s information. Although a few customers may still have an obsolete physical book of the yellow pages, that is highly unlikely. The first choice nowadays is to go on the Internet and search for a nearby contractor. As a small business, you need to own a webpage to optimize your online presence on the search engine results list. If people are searching for your business, you need to provide whatever it is that they need!

4) Your Company’s Website Creates a Channel of Engagement with the Customer

A report from the Local Search Association showed that 63% of shoppers utilize a local company’s web page to find and engage with them. Building a professional website will give your target customers the information they want, and moreover improving your website to show up on the top of search results lists on search engine websites like Google will immediately put your company right in front of your prospective customer. Avoid giving the future customer an opportunity to use someone else only because you don’t have a professional website.

5) Clients Want to Start a Connection with Your Brand

When making a large purchase or deciding on a business to undergo a large home improvement job, the consumer needs to employ someone they feel a connection with. Your website is the ideal method to build a relationship with prospective clients more in-depth and communicate with them what makes your business so special.

With a website, you can have the foundation for putting a brilliant online marketing strategy in place that allows your company to advertise content regarding the company history, employee profiles, in-depth descriptions about your service offering (and price quotes, if relevant). You can also publish blogs or articles that answer common questions or topics, show the glowing homeowner testimonials you’ve seen, and have a gallery of professional photos of your successful jobs. A professional website allows you to paint a picture for your prospective customer and give them a deep understanding of the caliber of business they’d be trusting.

6) Getting Your Business Website in the Local Pack Is Essential

Have you clicked on the image at the top of a Google search that shows different local businesses on a map? This is referred to as the local pack. As the owner of a local home service business, the goal must be to get a place in the local pack simply because it receives 44% of the overall clicks on the search engine results page.

While Google does consider your proximity to the shopper, the business physical address, as well as the primary category, the search algorithm also takes other elements into consideration like your business website. If you have a professionally designed website with helpful backlinks, high domain authority, and a high click-through rate, you increase your opportunity of obtaining a place in the local pack.

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I used Scalebloom Marketing for my business website, and I am very happy with it! Such a great company to work with, and great results on the website.

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Scalebloom was able to take our ideas and turn them into a great looking website. They accommodated all of our requests and their customer service is exceptional. We've even received compliments on our new site already. We're very happy we went with them for our website design.

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