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Scalebloom Logo

Our logo, featuring two blooming flower petals, symbolizes the blossoming of ideas in every project we undertake and our mission to help businesses flourish online.

To download, right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on the desired logo image and choose ‘Save image as…’ from the drop-down menu to save it to your device.

The logos will be downloaded as SVG files.

  • The SVG files have a transparent background.
  • The SVG files are cropped to contain no white space around the logo.
  • The SVG files have no dimensions, they can be scaled as needed.

Logos and icons are the property of Scalebloom, and Scalebloom retains all rights.

rounded boxed icon

Brand colors

Please use our exact colors, as shown below, to maintain consistency in brand representation.


Primary accent: Pair with light elements


Light accent: Pair with dark elements


Text: Use this for headings and icons


Light text: Use this for paragraphs


Borders: Use this for small text


Light teal: Use this for light backgrounds


Medium gray: various uses


Light BG: Use this for light backgrounds

Brand fonts


  • Font name: Inter
  • Font weight: 600

Regular text

  • Font name: Inter
  • Font weight: Regular (400)


  • Font name: Montserrat
  • Font weight: Semibold

Brand spelling

  • ✅ Scalebloom
  • ✅ scalebloom (All lowercase is allowed)
  • ✅ SCALEBLOOM (All caps is allowed)
  • ❌ ScaleBloom (CamelCase is not allowed)
  • ❌ Scale bloom (Space between words is not allowed)

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