Editorial Standards & Guidelines

Read on to learn about Scalebloom’s exemplary editorial standards & guidelines. Our staff and freelance writers deliver the highest quality content to our audience by following strict editorial practices.

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Our Responsibility to Our Readers

Scalebloom is fair and transparent to its readers. Our goal is to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest business trends. Our policy is to correct errors as soon as they are identified.

No matter how we contact our readers, we do so with civility and courtesy.


To serve the public’s interest, we adhere to the values of ethical journalism. It is our mission to provide news and information that is accurate, fair, and thorough.


We quickly correct errors as soon as they are discovered. Our editors investigate and verify errors once they are brought to our attention. A correction is posted once it has been approved.

Fact Verification

Staff and freelancer articles are edited by our editorial team. Authors are expected to use reliable sources and provide accurate information. All articles are fact-checked and edited prior to publication.

Article Updates

We update our articles often to maintain relevant information. Each article notes when it was last updated. We occasionally remove old articles or redirect them to more relevant articles.


Respect for taste and decency is important to us. Profanities and obscenities are avoided unless they are absolutely necessary to the article or if the article would lose its meaning without them. Editors must always approve their use.

Contact the Editorial Team

You can contact our editorial team by email at editor@scalebloom.com if you have any questions or concerns.