A stylescape bridges planning & implementation in branding & web design. They help visualize brand attributes & messaging across platforms.

1. Elevator contractor

In this stylescape, a crisp, modern design embodies the brand personality of Cap Elevator & Escalator Solutions.

  • We used clean fonts and HD photography to demonstrate the brand’s professionalism and reliability.
  • Blue is an influential color many brands use as it gives off a trustworthy, likable, and business-focused vibe. Yellow also makes sense for an elevator contractor company, as it’s typically associated with safety, caution, and friendliness.
  • The image of a smiling client conveys a friendly and approachable brand personality.
Stylescape elevator blue yellow 240607

2. Airport ground handling

This stylescape for NextGen GHS, a U.S. ground handling company for airline business partners, features a clean, minimalist design.

  • We used a green-and-white color scheme to evoke calmness, trustworthiness, and dependability.
  • Photos of a smiling technician and crews in action foster feelings of friendliness, a customer-centric approach, and employee empowerment.
  • The green colors in the photos also harmonize with the design’s color palette.
Stylescape green nextgen 240607

3. House cleaning

A fresh, airy, and inviting look defines this stylescape for St. Pete’s Maids, a home cleaning service.

  • We combined vibrant colors, creative icons, and illustrations to highlight the brand’s uplifting spirit.
  • The blue option reflects professionalism and trust, whereas red is an impactful and eye-catching color that conveys the brand’s passion for cleaning.
  • High-quality imagery boosts credibility and creates a welcoming vibe.
Stylescapes cleaning blue teal red 240607

4. Disability advocates

This stylescape for Disability Approval Now brings focus to the brand’s dependability.

  • We used visually appealing colors that are easy on the eye and cheerful photos of seniors to evoke a sense of security and trustworthiness.
  • Fun, easily recognizable icons add a touch of creativity.
Stylescapes disability health green 240607

What Is a Stylescape?

A stylescape is a curated collection of seamlessly harmonized design elements. It combines creativity and strategy, creating a visual roadmap for a cohesive brand.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, our stylescapes generally include:

  • Brand Attributes: Each stylescape should be inspired by 2-3 brand attributes. Including these attributes within the stylescape can be helpful.
  • Colors: Use an appropriate color palette for the brand attributes. Each stylescape should have a different color palette.
  • Images: Use images that match the color palette and brand attributes. Each stylescape should have different images.
  • Logo or logo concepts if available.
  • Typography: Choose appropriate fonts for the brand attributes. Each stylescape should use a different font. Including font names in the stylescape can be helpful.
  • Textures and patterns if appropriate for the brand.
  • Illustration styles if appropriate for the brand.
  • Layout: Maintain a balanced layout of elements throughout the stylescape.

Designing a stylescape comes after establishing a brand strategy. During the collaborative process, you express your goals, ideas, and visions to your designer to define a clear visual representation of your brand.

Stylescape sizes can vary, although we generally use an aspect ratio of 104:21 or a minimum width of 1920 pixels.

Stylescape Vs. Mood Board

A mood board is a basic visual collage for inspiration, while a stylescape strategically combines images, illustrations, patterns, and colors to match your brand identity.

Key Takeaway: Stylescapes streamline the design process, helping everyone involved to brainstorm and understand necessary elements. Clients can see brand assets and make informed decisions before marketing.

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